Organizational alignment is fundamental to creating an inclusive company culture


Communicating the Message


Consistent and frequent communication is critical for protecting your investment and achieving sustained success.

We help companies build a robust communication strategy beginning with the initial kick-off of the initiative through the transition until an inclusive mindset becomes part of the corporate culture.

Navigating the Gender Communication Abyss:

Bridging Communication Differences For Increased Success


This lively 2 or 4-hour workshop addresses the differences in the way the genders communicate. These differences lead to many of the barriers that limit team effectiveness and success.

The purposes of the workshop are to increase participants' awareness, respect and appreciation regarding these differences, and to provide approaches for managing them.

Managing Unconscious Biases and Behavioral Expectations


Unconscious biases and behavioral expectations affect the way we speak, listen, hear, and interpret interactions with others. They shape the culture of a company and result in unintended barriers.

The purposes of this 4-hour workshop are to increase awareness of these predisposed biases and expectations, to provide tools for managing them, and to develop skills for leveraging them for success.

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