Without data, a sustainable solution is impossible

to achieve



We do more than deliver a report

We work with you through the entire process to ensure you have measurable results.

"I am impressed with the quality and actionability of the data."  -Former CEO of Fortune 500 company

Measure: The LEAP process starts with objectively measuring the quality of the work environment with our Scorecard. Using our proprietary online assessment, we assess the four dimensions of a workplace that research has identified as important for attracting and retaining a diverse workforce.

Analyze: We analyze the quantitative and qualitative data for overall trends as well as specific areas requiring attention and that pose potential risks.

Recommend: We make actionable and evidence-based recommendations based on our analysis. They are practical, cost-effective, and align with your company's current needs. 

Implement: You design the implementation strategy; we review to ensure your strategy is complete. We use our years of experience in change management and cultural alignment to identify potential pitfalls.

Monitor: We conduct quarterly reviews with you to be sure your strategy is working. Running into problems? We brainstorm with you to find solutions and we help you stay on track.

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