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Leadership Equality Advancement Process

The results from the L.E.A.P. Scorecard gives us quantifiable data that we need to measure the success of our gender equality initiatives. The process was seamless, the support we received was excellent, the analysis was comprehensive and thorough, and the recommendations are realistic and relevant to our culture.


The L.E.A.P. Scorecard’s comprehensive approach provided the data we needed to build a relevant strategy for creating a positive workplace for women.  The results have helped us set priorities and maximize our resources. We now have the means for monitoring the success of our efforts to achieve gender equality throughout the company. Julia’s expertise in change strategies was invaluable as we created our implementation plan. Her continued support helps keep us on track. I highly recommend the L.E.A.P. solution for any company that is serious about retaining high performing women.  

Navigating the Gender Communication Abyss:
Bridging Communication Differences to Advance Your Career

​​The Navigating the Gender Communication Abyss workshop was a refreshing topic for our corporate women's group. Not only was it interactive and edgy, but it piqued the interest of our male colleagues and resulted in a very rich workshop.


First of all, thank you for creating these opportunities for us to get together to learn and grow from others. I want you to know that it was absolutely MY pleasure to join and participate. I strongly feel improving communication between genders is a great way to become a great leader.

LEAP Scorecard    Implementation

Their team has been a true partner, in the best sense of the word. They took the time at the front end of the engagement to truly understand our unique culture and particular needs, and then crafted the engagement in collaboration with our internal teams to ensure employee buy-in and substantive success.
* * *
I have never participated in as comprehensive data-driven conversation about diversity and inclusion as the one we had with the CareerAgility team during the executive debriefing.
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