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Podcast: The Glass Ceiling Is Real: Part 1

Conversation with Justin Moran, The Workplace Podcast

This is the first of a 2-part series that features an in depth interview with Julia Geisman, Founder and CEO of CareerAgility. She discusses the importance of keeping gender equality in the workplace top of mind for business owners and leaders today and why.

Click here to hear Julia's perspective the reality of the glass ceiling

As far as I’m concerned, this is required listening if you are a small business owner or in any position of power.
Podcast: The Glass Ceiling Is Real: Part 2
Conversation with Justin Moran, The Workplace Podcast
This is a continuation of an in depth interview with Julia Geisman, Founder and CEO of CareerAgility. In this segment, she discusses a variety of factors that contribute to creating the glass ceiling and ways in which to manage them.
Click here for the second installment.
If you have policies and processes in place, you will deal with the implicit biases that exist within the workplace.

Article: Boston’s tech industry has a gender gap.

Female leaders explain how to close it.

Boston Business Journal 7/3/2018

Julia Geisman, along with Diane Hessan (Chairman of C-Space), Donald Tomaskovich-Devey (Director, Center for Employment Equity, UMass Amherst) and Pam Reeve (Vice Chair, The Commonwealth Institute) discussed contributing factors to the gender gap.

She shares the data from the LEAP Scorecard which consistently identifies the barriers women face as they advance in their careers. The article was published in the July 3, 2018 edition of The Boston Business Journal.


Click here for a copy of the article.

But if the environment is not inclusive and receptive and does not afford women for advancement or to make a contribution on projects, they are not going to stay. 
Report: The pay gap between men and women
in the Bay State is shrinking
by Don Seiffert, Managing Editor
Boston Business Journal 12/6/2016
Based on a recommendation from Doug Banks, Executive Editor, Don reached out to Julia Geisman to get her perspective on the pay gap in Massachusetts along with additional information about the topic. This formed the basis for a more detailed editorial published in the December 9, 2016 edition of the Boston Business Journal.
Read what he had to say about it.
There has been a huge push to close the gap... There’s so much pressure here. You talk about high tech, you talk about biotech, and there’s huge pressure.

WBUR-FM Story on the City of Boston Negotiation Workshops

Julia Geisman is one of the facilitators for the City of Boston's free negotiation workshops sponsored by Major Martin J. Walsh and offered through the Mayor’s Office of Women’s Advancement.  The City has joined forces with AAUW in an initiative to make Boston the first city to close the gender wage gap.

AAUW Work Smart salary negotiation workshops are designed to ensure women have the knowledge to negotiate fair and equitable salaries and set a benchmark for future salary increases.

Listen to Boston’s NPR news station WBUR-FM's Zeninjor Enwemeka's story on closing the wage gap and an excerpt from the workshop facilitated by Julia.

Do you self-promote? Do you let people know your accomplishments? This is part of the problem. We don't let people know our value.

Boston Negotiation Workshop for Women - Julia Geisman
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Interview on WBZ NewsRadio Women's Watch
Women's Watch is an ongoing series of interviews conducted by WBZ's Laurie Kirby with the women making a difference in women's health, relationships and business matters.
In this segment, Laurie talks with Julia Geisman regarding what companies need to do to build and sustain an inclusive work environment for women's advancement.

Organizations need to recognize the areas in which they are discriminating against women and they can be very subtle.


WBZWomen's Watch Interview - Geisman & Kirby
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Facebook Live Interview at Hubspot

Negotiating for a raise, promotion or compensation for a new job can be challenging for many -- especially for women. Learn how to take the edge off salary negotiation during this interview with Julia Geisman, CEO and Founder of CareerAgility and Alexandra Krotinger of Hubspot. The tips Julia shares are particularly relevant for women as they advance in their careers and are designed to increase their success in achieving their professional goals. Discover the unique career development approaches Julia recommends and methods for promoting professional achievements.


You want to be thinking about negotiating your salary all the time. It's important to look at your career as an investment portfolio.


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