Increase the clarity of your vision

Gain confidence in your strategy

Have the courage to live your dream



Created by women for women
to increase their success in advocating for themselves
and integrating their personal and professional goals.

This series was developed to help women proactively think through the issues many professional women experience in similar situations. Each series of four eGuidebooks are highly interactive experiences consisting of videos, guided exercises, and practical tools.

Shaping Your CareerCapital concentrates on the building blocks every professional woman needs for sustained success.


Growing Your CareerCapital provides the tools and skills women need to continue advancing their careers.

Women gain greater clarity about their value, increased confidence and courage to pursue their goals -- both personal and professional.

SHAPING Your CareerCapital

This is the first in the series of eGuidebooks. The purposes of the series is to guide women through a process in which they gain greater clarity about their value, ways to protect and leverage it, and to change the internal stories that limit their success.

Know Thyself helps women define their passions, motivations, vision and values. All these factors either explicitly or implicitly influence decisions that shapes their future.

Building CareerCapital defines career capital and what it means to women's professional value. It focuses on capitalizing on experiences accrued throughout life and leveraging them to support a person's competitive advantage.

THE 3 Barriers to Success zeros in on the societal attitudes, self-limiting stories, and the cultural norms that exist within workplaces. In addition to exercises identifying these barriers, techniques for managing them are included.

Networking Vitality reinforces the importance of a strong network. It puts networking in a context that helps maximize network effectiveness. Tips and tools for building and sustaining a robust networks are provided.

GROWING Your CareerCapital

This second series concentrates on specific topics that occur at some point in a women's professional lifecycle. The purposes of these eGuidebooks is to help women proactively build a strategy that reflects their unique needs for integrating their professional and personal goals.

As with SHAPING Your CareerCapital, the series includes videos and guided exercises as well as practical tools for tracking progress.

Life-Career Integration takes a fresh look at this challenge and what it means to professional women. Exercises help women tailor a strategy that supports their aspirations.

Pursuing Your Career is for women who plan to work either full or part-time. This eGuidebook concentrates on defining the woman's brand, further refining her value, and expressing her competitive advantages.

Planning for Family Leave provides tools and tips needed to plan for a short-term absence to start a family or care for an ailing family member. This program helps women think through the many issues associated with family leaves.

Taking a Pause presents approaches for staying professionally relevant while a woman is raising a family. When she is ready to return to work, she will be better prepared to convey the value she developed during that time period despite being out of the formal workplace.

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