We believe creating and sustaining an inclusive workplace is a business imperative

Why You're Here

You know diversity and inclusion is critical for increased success.

You want to know how to make it a reality in your organization.


How We Can Help

We have an integrated data-driven process for creating and sustaining an inclusive work environment a reality for your organization.

What We Do

Leadership Equality Advancement Process (LEAP)

LEAP is an integrated solution created to produce sustainable results. A positive work environment coupled with advancing and developing women and people from different ethnic backgrounds are the building blocks for attracting and retaining high performers.

"The CareerAgility approach, combining solid data, hands-on service,

and accountability through the implementation phase, has been

a win for us."    -Inhouse Counsel, Technology Company

LEAP Scorecard


Knowing where to start, setting priorities, and measuring progress are fundamental to a successful strategy. CareerAgility's 5-step process is designed to help companies build and sustain an inclusive workplace while mitigating potential risk of lawsuits.

We know that time is a precious commodity. This is why we designed the Scorecard to be easy to implement requiring minimal staff time.


For a relatively modest investment you can now benchmark your successes and quantify the return on your investment.

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Some companies see data as the end in and of itself. We see data as a means to a sustainable solution.


It takes persistence to:

  • Achieve organizational alignment behind a cultural change

  • Address and remove barriers to success

  • Maintain consistent communication

  • Establish accountability for integrating the change

Because we are committed to your success, CareerAgility offers additional support to calibrate your organization in each of these areas.


Our extensive experience in cultural and organizational change is a valuable resource before, during and after implementation.

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Creating a positive workplace to attract and retain high performers  goes beyond conducting surveys and head counts.

Advancing Women

An important component for retaining high performing women is development and advancement. This includes increasing their success as leaders, having a clearly defined path to management and leadership roles coupled with resources and support to accomplish their goals. 


CareerAgility offers solutions to further create a work environment in which women thrive. Companies thrive when women thrive.

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60% of college graduates are women

51% of companies have problems attracting high performing women

59% of companies have difficulty retaining women


80% of women who leave go to competing companies

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