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Regardless of the economy, finding and retaining quality employees is a continuous challenge. Our research indicates that career development is an important factor for retention of top talent. From a business perspective, filling an empty position is costly in both time and money. When employees walk out the door, so does IP. It makes good sense to continue building internal bench strength.

Our suite of programs provides a safe environment for women and other under-represented groups to increase their effectiveness in advocating for themselves and to build the leadership skills required to advance their careers.

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Building Your CareerCapital: How to Use Your Career to Create the Life You Want

This comprehensive process guides participants through a series of self-reflective exercises combined with group or individual coaching sessions. People who complete the program experience an increase in their confidence, their success in communicating their professional value, and managing the barriers limiting their success. Use it as either a “career development” book club or an individualized perk.


Building Your CareerCapital is a low-cost investment in your people that produces a significant return in employee engagement and retention. Click here for more information.

Facilitated Leadership Peer Groups

Leaders frequently lack support when confronting challenging situations. These facilitated sessions provide a safe, structured, and trustworthy group environment for leaders and managers to resolve issues while continuinge to refine their skills. These groups help build strong internal networks, mentoring relationships, and potential sponsorships. 


Our seasoned professionals have extensive experience in group facilitation, training, creative problem-solving, and conflict resolution. They are committed to individual growth through a group process.

Executive Coaching

This one-on-one experience is ideal for preparing high-potential employees as they progress in leadership roles or helping an employee resolve a performance issue in a safe environment.


Our executive coaching engagements focus on:

  • Increasing self-awareness.

  • Clarifying goals.

  • Achieving development objectives.

  • Unlocking potential.

  • Creative problem-solving. 

  • Providing a sounding board.


Investing in employees lets them know they are valued and appreciated.

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