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Julia Geisman
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Julia Geisman is the founder of CareerAgility. For the last 30 years, she has been laser focused on the people side of business or as she says, the most intriguing aspect. For the last 15 years, she has been attacking inequities in the workplace concentrating on inclusion. She is an entertaining and engaging speaker and storyteller who speaks extensively (and passionately) about inclusion and women owning their voice and power. Julia has been a featured speaker at the Women In Tech Conference; Global Entrepreneurship Week; DevOps conference; professional organizations and ERGs; national and international conferences; numerous podcasts; and has been on panels addressing inclusion and women in the workplace. Julia has been published multiple times in the Boston Business Journal, Lioness Magazine, and Biz Women. She’s known for her ability to provoke new thinking, leaving audiences inspired and wiser.

My Mission

My mission is to paint a compelling picture of existing inequities that provoke companies and individuals to take the necessary actions to build and sustain an internal culture and society that is fair and equitable. I see the world through the lens of inclusion.

I believe Inclusion is part of every aspect of life and is fundamental to every successful career. If you are in a position that involves working with others, then being inclusive in your thoughts and actions will amplify your success.

My presentations, speeches, coaching, workshops, and webinars are geared to heighten people’s awareness and to inspire them to take action so they can have a life that is richer,  more successful and rewarding.




Unconscious Bias and Behavioral Expectations

Using different communication styles as the vehicle, this speech takes the audience on a humorous journey exploring differences associated with masculine and feminine communication styles. While the words may sound the same, their interpretation is significantly different. These disparities make or break teams, leaders, relationships, sales, and marketing strategies.

Transforming Diverse Perspectives into Opportunities

Fundamental to developing an inclusive work environment or successful conversation is acknowledging and accepting differences. Most people limit diversity to race, ethnicity, religious, physical and mental capabilities, age, gender, or sexual orientation or preference. This session focuses on ways to embrace differences and conflicts that may arise as healthy parts of life, using them as steppingstones to expand insights, understanding, problem-solving solutions, and awareness of oneself and others.

Building an Inclusive Mindset: Increase engagement, innovation, team, and communication success

This session discusses how an inclusive mindset is fundamental to an equitable and safe workplace, successful teams, increased sales, and dynamic leadership. This program is action-oriented by providing practical tools and approaches.

How to Conduct Successive Inclusive Virtual Meetings

Learn the elements that transform virtual meetings into a dynamic online inclusive conversation that leads to increased participant engagement, greater efficiency, clearer expectations, creative problem-solving, and innovative solutions.

Think You Suffer From Imposter Syndrome? Think again

We all experience attacks of imposter syndrome and the fear of being discovered as a fraud. It’s a common ailment especially for women. The session takes an innovative approach to treating this malady by transforming it from a negative experience into a neutral one that can be a confidence builder.

Drilling Holes Through the Glass Ceiling: A systemic approach to its final annihilation

This session does a deep dive into the three primary factors that keep the glass ceiling firmly in place. Participants leave the session with specific actions to chip away at these factors until the glass ceiling is shattered once and for all.

Building Your CareerCapital: Use your career to live the life you want

When we think about taking care of ourselves, it is usually focused on our physical or mental health. But what about our career health? Few of us think about our career as an investment portfolio that secures our financial future so we can create the life we want to live. Attendees gain a set of practical tools to grow and expand their career opportunities, increase their confidence, manage the barriers to their success, and build a robust network.

Salary Negotiation is More Than a Paycheck

This session examines the components of salary negotiation, defines the difference between salary and compensation, expands participants’ understanding of what is involved in the negotiation process, and learn techniques required for negotiating a compensation package that aligns with their skills and experiences.

When You Exclude, You Lose: The hidden costs of excluding

This session exposes how a mindset of exclusion affects all aspects of business and life. The thought-provoking program examines the principles and tips for developing inclusive thinking applicable to all situations.

Measuring DEI and HR is More Than Head Count

This program discusses the intersection of HR and DEI initiatives, the differences between engagement surveys and perception-based assessments, and provides a methodology to measure employee perception.


"Really great session with important insight and actionable learnings. Thanks so much!"

"Julia is a fun, high energy speaker."

"Informative, insightful and at times hilarious! I loved the worksheets and the conversation that it sparked."

"It stretched my thinking in how I see myself and the reasons why."

"Really made me think about myself.  I feel I have really actionable work I can do to improve myself in many ways (career, confidence, etc.)."

"Great presentation and pointed activities to reinforce the session's message and encourage women!!!! Loved it!!"

"Julia’s workshops not only provide engaging discussions and the tools that you can use, but also actions you can take in areas where you may feel that you have opportunity to grow."

"Very engaging, super interactive and relatable with many examples and opportunities to ask questions."

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