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WHY Diversity & Inclusion?


noun:  the condition of having or being composed of differing elements 



justice according to natural law or right; freedom from bias or favoritism


noun:  the act of taking in as a part of a whole or group 

These are ideals we champion because they’re right and they’re good business.  

"But diversity without equity and inclusion
is just about the numbers."


Why is diversity limited? Why does diversity represent just the potential

of an organization? 


Having diversity in your organization is great, but diversity without equity and

inclusion is just numbers.   

When we talk about diversity, we usually discuss equity and inclusion too. Why? 


Is diversity enough?  


The answer is no. Diversity IS important. It brings together people of different races, ethnicities, genders, and backgrounds. Diversity represents the potential for an organization to hear a variety of opinions and ideas.  


"Diversity without inclusion is a waste of talent."


Without inclusion, employees feel marginalized. They feel a nagging sense of being on the outside looking in. It’s like being part of the team and never asked to play.


It’s frustrating, demoralizing, and a waste. It’s a waste of talent, intelligence and enthusiasm. Resentment builds, they disengage, do no more than is expected of them and ultimately leave.  

"Diversity without equity and inclusion is expensive in human and financial terms."

How will issues with diversity, equity and inclusion affect your organization?  

  • You gain a reputation in your industry as a bad place to work.  

  • You lose motivated employees and all their potential contributions.  

  • You lose the money and time you spent recruiting, onboarding, and training those employees.  

  • You lose your edge in recruiting and your standing in the community. 

  • You lose the public’s trust. 

  • You lose. 

Companies need to know WHY inclusion matters, HOW to evaluate it, and WHAT actions they need to take to achieve a work environment that is truly diverse, equitable and inclusive.


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