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Some companies see data as an end in and of itself. We see data as a path to a sustainable solution.


It is now possible to get a 360-degree view of your organization, its culture, policies, and how they affect your employees. Our approach focuses on employees’ perception of the overall work environment – going well beyond employee engagement surveys.


COVID-19 and racial justice have reshaped our work environments in every way -- the culture, development and advancement opportunities, our interactions, as well as the workplace systems. Our LEAP products have been updated to measure the effect they have on your employees and organizational dynamics.


The baselines we create reflect the intersection of gender, race, and position as well as the impact COVID and racial justice are having on diversity, equity and inclusion.


We deliver data-driven recommendations to help design and implement a plan tailored to your company’s unique needs.

Why Use a Third Party?

Even if you have internal resources for developing and administering an inclusion assessment, using a third party is critical:

  • It eliminates confirmation bias providing a truly objective picture of your work environment.

  • It protects people's anonymity leading to a higher response rate and greater candor.

  • It provides an analysis and interpretation of the results free from your company's cultural influences that are unavoidably integrated into your view point. 

CareerAgility's only vested interest is your success in achieving your diversity and inclusion goals.

Leadership Equality Advancement Process (LEAP)

Fixing a starting point, setting priorities, and measuring progress are fundamental to a successful strategy. CareerAgility's process establishes the baseline needed to determine next steps towards building and sustaining an inclusive workplace while lowering the potential risk of discrimination lawsuits.

We know time is a precious commodity. We designed LEAP to be easy to understand and implement while at the same time requiring minimal time on your part.

Our line of LEAP products meets the needs of organizations with 50 to 5,000+ employees. From
a high-level view to a comprehensive analysis

with actionable recommendations and support through the implementation process -- the choice is yours.


For a relatively modest investment you can now benchmark your successes and quantify


the return on your investment for ALL your diversity and inclusion programs.

There is no one-size fits all when it comes to diversity and inclusion.

LEAP Pulse Survey
LEAP Pulse Survey

The Pulse Survey is an effective tool for small companies or professional organizations that want to get a high-level view of the current state of inclusion and diversity in their organization.


If you have ongoing D&I initiatives, the LEAP Pulse Survey is invaluable for determining the success of your current and identifying future programs.

If you are run a professional organization that wants to know the current status of diversity and inclusion in your member companies and industry, the LEAP Pulse Survey provides insight into opportunities for adding value to being a member of your organization. (Membership has its benefits).

Leap S Lite
LEAP Scorecard Lite

Interested in going deeper? LEAP Scorecard Lite provides more robust data along with an analysis and narrative of the implication of the results.

LEAP Scorecard Lite is great for companies wanting to measure the success of current their diversity and inclusion programs in changing employee perception of their work environment. It is ideal for companies with 500+ employees.


Leap Scorecd
LEAP Scorecard_sm.jpg
LEAP Scorecard

This version of the LEAP Scorecard includes research-based recommendations based on our analysis of your data. The actionable recommendations are tailored to address your company’s specific needs.

The LEAP Scorecard is a perfect solution for companies interested in implementing programs modeled on relevant best practices for diversity and inclusion.

A best practice in one company may be ineffective in another.


This version is best for companies with 1,000+ employees.

Leap Scor+
LEAP ScorecardPlus_sm.jpg
LEAP Scorecard+

In addition to data analysis and recommendations, LEAP Scorecard+ leverages CareerAgility’s expertise in change management, leadership and organizational development. We act as your implementation resource and provide support for one year as you embark on putting the D&I recommendations into action.


You write the implementation strategy and action plan. We review, ask clarifying questions, and make suggestions to ensure success. We check in with monthly phone calls and quarterly meetings to:

  • Review your progress

  • Evaluate and analyze your successes

  • Discuss unintended consequences that emerged

  • Brainstorm solutions to problems


Like the LEAP Scorecard, this version is best for companies with 1,000+ employees.

Want more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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